Unguided Parachutes

Container Delivery Systems (CDS)

This Container Delivery System (CDS) method of airdrop uses A-22 containers to deliver miscellaneous items of supplies and equipment by means of cargo airdrop. The items are delivered by either High-Velocity or Low-Velocity parachutes and from C-130 or C-17 aircraft.

Up to 40 containers with up to 2,200 pounds each can be delivered by this method, and it has proven itself to be an effective way to deliver supplies measuring no more than 4 ft x 4 ft x 4ft and weighing between 501lbs and 2,200 lbs.

The A-22 container is placed on a plywood skid-board and several layers of energy-dissipating honeycomb are used under the A-22 to attenuate the ground impact shock and protect the supplies.


Low Cost Aerial Delivery Systems (LCADS)

The LCADS (Low Cost Aerial Delivery System) system was designed as a lower cost alternative to the A-22 Container Delivery System (CDS) specifically for missions when recovery of re-use of the delivery system is unlikely.  The LCADS design features lower cost polypropylene material instead of typical nylon material and features construction methods specifically designed to enable procurement of this system from numerous manufacturing sources outside the normal parachute manufacturing industry.

While the LCADS was designed for one time use, LCADS which can be recovered and which do not have any obvious visible signs of damage can be repacked for more than one use.  MMIST is proud to offer LCADS products to complement its aerial delivery product line.

The LCADS system features two configurations, namely high velocity and low velocity.

High Velocity - used to deliver up to 2200 lbs of certain types of robust supplies and consists of:

  • One (1) High velocity cruciform parachute;
  • One (1) Low Cost Container (LCC);
  • Five (5) Layers of consumable honeycomb;
  • One (1) Prepared Plywood skid board;


Low Velocity  - used to deliver up to 2400 lbs of most types of supplies and features:

  • One (1) Low velocity round parachute;
  • One (1) Low Cost Container (LCC);
  • Two (2) Layers of consumable honeycomb;
  • One (1) Prepared Plywood skid board;

Also available for individual sale, is the Low Cost Container System (LCC), a subset of the LCADS system and a cost effective alternative to the A22 CDS.