Sherpa GPS-Guided Parafoil PAD Systems

Sherpa PADS

Sherpa PADS enable safe, accurate and cost-effective delivery of cargo from a variety of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. Sherpa systems achieve high accuracy without dangerous low-level flight, enabling cargo delivery in mountainous terrain, zero visibility, or outside the reach of MANPADS. PAD is also an IED-proof cargo delivery method.

All Sherpa variants are fully autonomous and GPS guided; SAASM GPS and remote manual control, with the unique ability to reprogram the target point in-flight with the push of a button, is also available. All variants feature fully guided ram-air parafoils which maintain positive control of the load throughout the entire flight, with a final soft landing at approximately half the rate of descent of round parachutes.

Sherpa variants feature a robust ability to overcome adverse winds, and offers significant flexibility with respect to dispatch scenarios. The Sherpa Ranger and Navigator are HAHO and HALO capable, thanks to a uniquely programmable drogue delay.

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