MMIST is a full solution provider of Precision Aerial Delivery products and services including the Sherpa™ family of GPS guided parafoils, the SkyLink Parachutist Navigation and Situational Awareness system, the CQ-10A SnowGoose™ cargo unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) along with mission planning tools, services and support equipment.



The Sherpa™ guided parachute system enables safe, accurate and cost effective delivery of cargo from a variety of fixed/rotary wing aircraft. Sherpa™ achieves high accuracy without dangerous low level aircraft flight, enabling cargo delivery into mountainous terrain, under zero visibility, or outside the reach of man portable air defence systems (MANPADS).

Sherpa™ variants can deliver cargo bundles as small as 100 lbs to as large as 10,000 lbs. The Sherpa™ has been operationally deployed with both regular US forces and Special Forces since 2003 and been selected by over 25 countries worldwide.


The SkyLink system (alternatively called a Parachutist Remote Control system) is a Parachutist Aid which is worn by a parachutist and provides individual air and/or ground navigation information. When purchased with a SkyLink Node or integrated with datalink radios, the SkyLink system can also provide “full team” (Sherpa and/or Personnel) situational awareness and remote control of multiple Sherpa guided parachute systems.


Partnering with private companies that specialize in re-usable space cargo platforms including rockets, low orbit satellites, and space tourism, we are developing new lightweight solutions for safely and precisely returning equipment back to earth.


The SnowGoose™ CQ-10A Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is the only cargo UAS in US Department of Defense (DOD) inventory. The system is designed to airdrop multiple one-hundred (100) pound cargo bundles into hostile or denied areas. After autonomously airdropping its cargo, the system returns to base and lands autonomously, to be prepared for re-launch and its next mission.

MMIST and its partners are developing a third wing kit for the CQ-10, which enables the system to launch itself without the need for ground support equipment, enabling not just delivery of cargo, but also cargo extraction. This exciting new variant, called the CQ-10B or “Bravo” is a near Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft with more than four times the range of its predecessor


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